Meet the Chords of Courage Staff:

Caron Dale

CEO, Founder

Tomy Wright

STEP UP! Student Songwriting Contest Music Director

Susan Coti

Director of Education

Jojanna Ochoa

STEP UP! Frederick Student Songwriting Contest Community Ambassador

Creativity this amazing needs strong visionary leaders.
Meet our Board of Directors below

Board of Directors

You simply can’t have a non-profit without a team of über passionate individuals on a mission to bring some type of quality change to the world.

  • Cheryl L. Keamy

  • Cheryl Cooper

  • Steven Zaleznick

  • Caron Dale

Topping the Charts ain’t easy. That‘s why we have the best Songwriters and Musicians on our team.



Ted Garber


Robert Dale “Bob” Klein


Laura Baron


Kevin Dudley


Caron Dale



Michael Jaworek

Music Business Advisor

Dorothy Green

Media Advisor

Brian Savoie

Video Production

Holly Baynham

Music Technology Advisor

Our Mission

Chords of Courage uses songwriting to shine a spotlight on the courageous among us, telling their compelling stories in an effort to transform the conversation from the demoralizing and cynical to the hopeful and inspirational one song at a time. These incredible stories inspire young and old alike to STEP UP! and make a difference in the world around us.

We firmly believe that by creating socially conscious music today, we help create socially conscious citizens for tomorrow.

Why Start Chords of Courage?

When you live in a world where news cycles favor the selfish, greedy and violent, stories of the courageous among us often get lost in the din. Through songs, videos, and STEPPING UP! acts of community service, Chords of Courage puts names, faces and stories to the courageous among us who have performed acts of valor and suffered in the process or performed an act of inspiration born of tragedy whose actions contributed to significant, positive change.

We share these incredible stories with the public hoping to interrupt the negative conversation in our country while inspiring young and old alike to perform their own acts of courage and kindness.

From the founder:
Every time I turned on the TV, the computer, the radio, the news was filled with stories of violence, pain, political gridlock and constant negativity. Some of the perpetrators are punished; many are rewarded with media coverage, money and even video games named after them. After a while, we become immune to these negative messages and that is what I fear most for our young people and our society.

In the 1960’s we experienced a social revolution with music at its core. Through broadcast and social media, schools, and popular events, we can do it again.

Won’t you join us in highlighting the courageous among us as we shine a spotlight on the ordinary to the extraordinary – and, inspired by these amazing role models, STEP UP! and make a difference.

Upward and onward in strength and harmony,
Caron Dale, founder & CEO, Chords of Courage