With music as a universal language, Chords of Courage shines a spotlight on the courageous among us, both the known and unsung. We tell their stirring stories through song and music video reaching into hearts in a way few other approaches can, making contemporary news and important history come alive.

We encourage students to write powerful songs about people of great courage. With in-depth study and compelling and inspirational messages, students take the next step to perform their own acts of courage and kindness by STEPPING UP! and making a difference.

STEP UP! and Sing Student Songwriting Program

A one-of-a-kind program where students write powerful songs about people of great courage. Inspired by these amazing heroes, the students take leadership roles in engaging others to STEP UP! and perform acts of service inspired by their courageous song subject in an effort to make a difference in their community.


Designed to expose teen girls to music technology and songwriting, fields they may not have considered open to them professionally. This unique program offers qualifying students tremendous resources including accomplished songwriters, audio engineers, recording artists and teachers. By telling stories of people of great courage, the girls learn effective collaboration and negotiation techniques while creating inspirational songs. This program is especially powerful in communities where limited opportunities exist to develop girls’ talents and exposure to the arts. We combine music technology and songwriting instruction to help participants create dynamic and powerful songs demonstrating that you can be successful and socially conscious at the same time. The program culminates with a community concert featuring the songs the participating girls wrote, produced and recorded. At the concert, the girls encourage the audience to engage in STEPPING UP! to make a difference through the activities they created in the spirit of their courageous song subjects.


Chords of Courage professionals have led many teacher trainings and songwriting workshops at conferences and in schools over the years. Our goal is to help educators integrate the arts into the classroom consistent with their curricular goals.
We come to your school, teacher training day and leadership training events. Over the course of a half-day, full day or two day workshop, we help teachers and educational leaders transform their classrooms into songwriting, leadership and STEPPING UP! centers to make a difference in the community. These experiential programs demonstrate that by creating socially conscious music today, we help to create socially conscious citizens for tomorrow.


Fun and fulfilling workshop for adult music lovers and amateur musicians

  • Songwriting – words and music
  • Collaborating – to create a unique sound
  • Out of the box thinking
  • Recording – music technology, video and live sound
  • Entertaining – invite your family and friends to the end of program concert