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What participants are saying: Chords of Courage has become like a family to me, even though I’ve never even met the others in person. Every session, I look forward to our time together when we get to build our songwriting knowledge, ability, and creativity!

–Isabella M

As a rookie songwriter, being able to write with other school-age songwriters was so helpful. I was able to get to know a little bit about each one of them, and that really helped me understand their own unique points of view, style of songwriting, and ideas. Although it would have been really fun to meet them all in person, I’m not sure we would have been as open and honest with each other, nor have had the time to really learn from each other. I also think it’s ironic that as we were writing a song about the current pandemic, we were sitting there being constantly reminded of our new normal while we tried to collaboratively write over Zoom. But I think this was especially important in giving our song the raw authenticity that it needed. I truly had so much fun and learned a great deal from this experience. I feel I am a better songwriter because of it.

–Gabriela C

This workshop helped me hone my songwriting skills. I learned how to clearly express my ideas in a song, as well as how to write lyrics that pop. I really enjoyed collaborating with other young songwriters in this workshop!

–Fiona M

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to participate in this Cyber Songwriting Studio project. She spent time with others on Zoom to write lyrics and music for the song. A big thank-you goes especially to Ms. Caron Dale who worked with and guided them through the whole process. Many years from now when my daughter looks back at this historic year, she will think not only of the coronavirus pandemic and times of quarantine, but also hear a song playing in her head that she helped write.

–Mom of a participating teen